Walking holiday in South Fyn

The South Fyn landscape is highly attractive, not least because of its very varied shorelines;
Whereever you are you have the most fascinating views over the archipelago with the islands and islets. Very special is also the characteristic scenery of manors and their land, typically stately homes and castles with miles of hedges, stone-walls, woods, copses, orchards and private gardens 

The Archipelago Trail

The archipelago trail meanders from Lundeborg in east to Faldsled in the west with offshots branching off over Tåsinge, Ærø and Langeland.
How far and how long you want to walk is completely up to you. Suggested one-day walking trips and more information can be found at www.detsydfynskeoehav.dk

If you prefer that things are planned in advance then try a package trip from www.vagabondtours.dk 

Smartphone interaction with the Archipelago

As a new feature, smartphone interaction has been added to this edition of the Archipelago Map.

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