South Funen

The South of Funen, Svendborg and the Archipelago have always been popular holiday destinations, renowned for their scenery and maritime charm.

The sea and the archipelago can be explored in numerous ways. Admittedly, the Danish climate can be both charming and unstable. This is all right, because otherwise one might miss some af the many indoor offers. 


Svendborg has preserved its old town centre with narrow, crooked streets, squares and courtyards that are reminiscent of Svendborg´s history. Today, Svendborg is a unique mix of old and new, of seafaring, culture and history - geared to the rhytm of today.
Exciting as a destination in its own right and central as a platform for excursions into the archipelago, either using the many ferry connections to the small islands or with the Maritime Centre as the organizer of cruises on board th evintage sailing ships. 

Cittaslow Svendborg

What is Cittaslow?
Cittaslow is an international network of small towns and cities whose aim it is to improve the quality of life for their citizens and their visitors. In Italian, Citta means "city" and slow takes its inspiration from the slow-food movement which turns its back on fastfood culture. The principles of Cittaslow are sustainable development, quality and local produce - not to providing inspiration for healthier lifestyles and an improved quality of life.
Since 1991, Cittaslow has grown from a local Italian initiative into a global network that today boasts more than 137 members in 22 different countries. Svendborg is Denmark´s only Cittaslow town. 

Smartphone interaction with the Archipelago

As a new feature, smartphone interaction has been added to this edition of the Archipelago Map.

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