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Danske Bank

At Danske Bank in Svendborg, we have a burning desire to give our customers financial security. We offer advice and services in both banking, housing and mortgage, leasing, pension, investment and insurance. That way, we can get all the way around your finances.We are located in Møllergade with 17 employees who are always ready to listen and discuss your needs and wishes. Our goal is to make it easy to use the bank and make important financial decisions.You can always contact usWe place great emphasis on being available to you. In Møllergade you can easily and quickly get help in one of our boxes. We also have an ATM both inside and out. You can also withdraw currency with us. From kl. 6-22 it is also possible to deposit cash at the ATM. If you need us in the middle of the night, you can always reach us at our 24-hour telephone line 70 123 456. You are always welcome to contact us about both large and small or for an informal talk about what we can do for you and your finances. So feel free to look at us in Møllergade 2.

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