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Fishing Lodge Funen

Join on a fishing trip on the South Fyn coast and experience the joy of cooking and eating fish you have caught yourself right on the beach.
A fun and different way of experiencing the great outdoors, with a focus on working together to catch, collect and prepare dinner from mother nature’s own ingredients. The tour will take place at a selected spot on the South Fyn coast, which offers some of Denmark’s most beautiful fishing spots - it is even worth taking the tour simply to enjoy your surroundings.
You will be show how to catch and collect the ingredients, and we will try to gather fish, shrimps, crabs, shellfish and seaweed. Afterward, together, we will prepare a “gourmet meal” from our catch in’s open air kitchen. will provide all necessary equipment and professional and passionate instructors, who is ready to teach you everything you need to know. The tour ends with us eating the “catch of the day”. Depending on our luck fishing, the menu might include mussel soup, seaweed salad, fresh smoked fish, fish cooked over an open fire and tasty bread, all served with a glass of wine, a beer or soft drink. look forward to welcoming you on an enjoyable, and educational outdoor fishing adventure.