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Jack & Jones

JACK & JONES was founded in Denmark in 1990 as a jeanswear brand. Since then, the brand has developed into the largest company in BESTSELLER A / S, and with its +1000 stores is the largest menswear retailer in Europe. The brand has offices all over the world.

At the headquarters in Denmark, 400 employees work with design, purchasing, sales and marketing.

Jeans and jeanswear are the core of JACK & JONES, but the brand also covers urban sportswear, suits, shoes and accessories.

JACK & JONES has several collections each year. With jeans as a fundamental starting point, JACK & JONES develops collections that cover all clothing needs and fashion trends that young men need.


The story behind JACK & JONES

More than 25 years ago, we started out wanting to conquer the world. Just a couple of guys with our first jeans collection and a penchant for denim that you could not get around. Since 1990, many guys (and girls) have joined the team, but it's all still about jeans.

Our brand is defined by the guys we are proud to represent. Our brand is a brotherhood. A community where we are connected by the passion for denim. And here we have one single goal: to be there for the guys. Make their lives a little easier, a lot more fun and not least stylish.

Not everyone can claim to have the same denim-filled heritage that we have. The know-how we have built up over the years means that we actually dare to say that we are some of the best on the market. When it comes to denim, we know what we're talking about ranging from fit to materials and details. We believe that jeans are the most important thing in any man's wardrobe.

Our ultimate goal is to make all guys feel `proud, secure and satisfied 'when they wear our clothes and when they are in our universe. When it comes to good quality, good service and good prices, we just never compromise. This also applies to the good vibes. Our universe is a completely undramatic zone where shopping is made easy. That's the philosophy behind our brand.