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Min bolighandel Svendborg & Min Bolighandel Ærø

Welcome to Min bolighandel in Svendborg and on Ærø At Min bolighandel here in Svendborg you meet Jonas Kock Kristensen and Henrik Simonsen, while on Ærø, where they also have an office, you meet Gert Eriksen. Every home sale is something special - both for the buyer and the seller. That is why we provide personal advice both before, during and after. We keep it simple, so you only have to relate to the information that is relevant in your situation. We do not have strict concept rules, and when you put your home up for sale with us, we tailor the marketing to your wishes. You do not have to pay for unnecessary services that do not benefit the sale. At Min Bolighandel you do not have to pay for an expensive chain, and since they are not owned by a bank, they can spend all their time selling YOUR home - Min Bolighandel offers sold or free. Whatever you need to buy or sell, you are welcome at Nyborgvej 16, 5700 or by phone 20535581.Yours sincerelyHenrik SimonsenBachelor of Business Administration and Commercial Law (BSc.)Real estate agent MDE, general manager

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