Organic Café and Natural Food Store

The cosy café and natural food store, Øland in Brogade, is run by Mette and Sune Østbjeg. Two years ago, they lived in a flat in Copenhagen and dreamt about opening up a small food store and café stocked with great tasting, organic food, made from scratch. Moving out of the big city was another dream of theirs. All of a sudden, they got the opportunity to make both dreams come true in Svendborg, where Mette grew up.

Organic, local, fresh
– Øland opened in December 2015, and it was all we dreamt about and more: a 100% organic eatery and a small grocery shop under one roof, Sune Østbjerg explains.
The café always offers at least four different, freshly made salads, in addition to tapas, warm dishes and freshly baked bread. Sometimes there’s meat, sometimes not. What is certain though, is that everything is organic and prepared on the day with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.

Many regulars
– Today, we have a team of 10 great employees, who are all passionate about what is being prepared in the kitchen and sold in the shop. Everyone is very enthusiastic about high quality food and fresh ingredients, and in about a year of business, we already have a lot of regulars coming in, Sune Østbjerg says
– Some stop by to pick up hummus or a salad as a side dish for dinner. Others choose to stay at the café for breakfast, lunch, or some coffee and cake in the afternoon, Mette Østbjerg adds.
Usually, Mette can be found in the old-fashioned shop, having ample time for a chat about the products: homemade pickled goods, cheeses, sausages, eggs, flour, meats, beer, wine and cider as well as freshly baked bread – everything is organic.