Ambrosius-egen ved Svendborg

Svendborg Municipality's climate efforts

Photo: Knud Mortensen

Svendborg Municipality's comprehensive Climate Action Plan.

Svendborg's Climate Action Plan: Climate Neutrality and Climate Resilience

In 2022, Svendborg Municipality adopted its first comprehensive Climate Action Plan, after joining the national DK2020 network in 2020.

The Climate Action Plan is based on two key principles: Climate Neutrality and Climate Resilience. These principles frame nine focus areas, each containing a range of specific measures to be implemented by 2050.

Read the entire Svendborg Municipality Climate Action Plan here (Danish).


Photo:Skonnerten Johanne

The Path to a Sustainable Future

Climate change constitutes a significant part of our journey towards sustainable development. Svendborg's Climate Action Plan is a crucial step towards addressing these challenges. By mitigating climate impacts, we aim to forge a sustainable future where nature and climate are regarded as invaluable resources for humanity. In our pursuit of sustainable development, we acknowledge that without nature, there is no humanity.

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