Tog til Svendborg

Travel with consideration

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Promote sustainability by opting for eco-friendly transport like public transit, electric cars, or bicycles. Trains, buses, and ridesharing cut CO2 emissions, while electric vehicles and bikes offer eco-friendly nature experiences

Bus connections

Take the bus to Svendborg, or use the bus services to get around the area while you're here. With regular departures, the bus network connects the city center with nearby villages and attractions.

Fynbus offentlig transport til og fra Svendborg

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There are good bus connections from Svendborg and throughout Fyn. See more here.

Thurø, Tåsinge og Langeland

Transportation to and from the islands of Thurø, Tåsinge, and Langeland is easily accessible by bus. Use the journey planner to find suitable departures that match your travel needs and desired timeline."

To and from Svendborg

Travel with Flixbus from cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus to Svendborg.


Free city buses on weekends

Ride for free on the city buses in Svendborg every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday. The city buses are on routes 230, 240-241, and 250.


Train connections

Svendborg is connected to the train network, and the train connections to the city have frequent departures from the two train stations, Svendborg Station and Svendborg Vest. Enjoy the beautiful journey through the Danish landscape and arrive in Svendborg fresh and relaxed.

Tog til Svendborg

Photo:Andreas Reib

The travel planner

Use the travel planner to plan your journey by train to and from Svendborg.

Copenhagen - Svendborg

Take the InterCityLyn train from Copenhagen Central Station to Odense, and then switch to the regional train to Svendborg.

Travel time: 2 hours and 21 minutes.

Aarhus - Svendborg

Take the InterCityLyn train from Aarhus Central Station to Odense, and then switch to the regional train to Svendborg.

Travel time: 3 hours and 2 minutes.


Take the electric car to Svendborg

Choose the electric car as your mode of transportation and make your journey more environmentally friendly! With a growing infrastructure of charging stations, it's easier than ever to drive the electric car to your holiday destination. Enjoy a worry-free drive and reduce your CO2 footprint while heading towards Svendborg.

Experience Svendborg by bike

With bike paths leading you through beautiful landscapes and along the coast, it's easy to explore every corner of Svendborg and its surroundings. Bring your bike to Svendborg, or rent one when you arrive. In Svendborg, you can rent bikes from Cykeltutten or from LifePlan Kajak & Outdoor.

Med cykelstier, der fører dig gennem smukke landskaber og langs kysten, er det nemt at udforske alle hjørner af Svendborg og omegn. Tag cyklen med til Svendborg, eller lej en cykel, når du er fremme. I Svendborg kan du leje cykler hos Cykeltutten eller hos LifePlan Kajak & Friluftsliv 

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Cykling Sydfyn
Photo: Knud Mortensen

Manor Route

Embark on a 660 km long cycling route, divided into 14 stages, primarily on asphalt. Ride the entire route or choose a single stage of your choice. No matter where you start or which direction you cycle, you will experience the distinctive landscape, characterized by Funen and the Islands' 123 castles and manors throughout history.

Baltic Sea Route

Svendborg and South Funen are part of the Baltic Sea Route (National Route 8), which stretches over 820 km through Denmark's national cycling network. On your bike tour, you can explore the most beautiful parts of Southern Denmark and experience a variety of islands. Along the way, stop at historical castles and manors, enjoy authentic food, and meet the friendly locals.

Rent a bike in Svendborg

Bring your bike to Svendborg, or rent one when you arrive. In Svendborg, you can rent bikes at Cykeltutten, LifePlan Kajak & Outdoor, and at Sydfyns Bådudlejning.

Many of the city's accommodations rent or lend bikes to their guests. Contact the hotel where you will be staying and inquire about bike rental options.

Carpooling to and from Svendborg

Experience Svendborg in an affordable and sustainable way by participating in carpooling to and from the city through Reduce CO2 emissions by sharing a ride with others. Visit to find suitable departures or share your own car trip and take passengers with you. You can also rent a car for your journey and share the trip with others. Save money and contribute to a greener future on your trip to Svendborg.

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