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Broholm Slot

For anyone with just a minimum of historical flair or romantic-nostalgic Faible a visit or stay at Broholm a fascinating odyssey through almost 700 years of Denmark's history from Christopher, 2 to Margrethe the 2nd, with the intervening 29 kings and 1 queen as players or extras in Ulfeldt'ernes, Skeel'ernes and Sehested'ernes saga. Broholm is comfortable, with very cozy sitting rooms, which are all different and with their authenticity, unique, atmosphere.
As a guest you easy find your self at home.

Broholm is extremely idyllic with park, manor house lake, moats and watermill a stone's throw west of Svendborg, Nyborg Way (163) midway between Hesselager and Oure. Apart from Castle Lake lies the museum "Chamberlain NFB Sehested Prehistoric Collection" of 60,000 antiquities, which is now owned and operated by Svendborg & Environs Museum.

Historical guided tour of Broholm

Group guided tours by appointment.

Price for guided tour DKK 110,00 per person

Guided tours for groups with less than 20 people: price DKK 2.200,00

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