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Sights and Activities


Svendborg and the South Fyn Archipelago have something for everyone, both kids and adults.

Visit Svendborg’s museums for a cultural experience, participate in an event in the town centre, discover the amazing scenery by going cycling or hiking, or go on a sailing trip around the South Fyn Archipelago, on your own boat or on one of the ferries departing from Svendborg.

Svendborg is the perfect starting point for an active vacation, whether you want to go diving, kitesurfing, fishing, kayaking, or sailing.

The South Fyn Archipelago

Learn more about all the nice beaches, the archipelago islands, and how to get there.

Active vacations

The South Fyn Archipelago can be experienced in numerous ways: in a kayak, aboard a sailing ship, on a diving trip, or from the many scenic hiking and...

For kids

Being a kid in Svendborg never gets boring! Here are some suggestions for family-friendly activities in and around Svendborg.


Click here for an overview of exciting things to do in Svendborg and around the South Fyn Archipelago


Click here for an overview of interesting sights in Svendborg and around the South Fyn Archipelago

Our Best Tips for Trips in the Region

Only in Svendborg for a limited time? No problem at all! We have put together a selection of sights and activities perfect for a couple of hours, half a day, or a whole day – enjoy your time in Svendborg!

Two Hours: Take a Stroll through Svendborg

Svendborg has been named the most charming shopping town in all of Denmark, and a couple of hours is enough to sample the town’s unique atmosphere.

Half a Day: Discover Svendborg’s Wonderful Surroundings

If you have half a day to spend, there are lots of things to do around Svendborg.

A Whole Day: Visit the Islands of the South Fyn Archipelago

The small island ferries depart Svendborg several times a day. If you manage to get out of bed early, you can make it to both Skarø and Drejø in one d...

Culinary Routes on Fyn

Chocolate, beer, wine, fruit schnapps, and specialties – Fyn has a wealth of food and drink producers, each with a burning passion for making products...

Arts, Museums, and Theatre

Arts and culture

Svendborg has lots to offer in terms of art galleries and exhibitions

Svendborgs museums

Take time out to visit one of Svendborgs interesting museums.

Concert Venues in Svendborg

Whatever your taste in music, there is always an interesting concert in Svendborg

Theatre, movies, and revue

Click here for an overview of entertainment venues in Svendborg

Click here to read about the history of Svendborg

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