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Byens Gårdbutik

At Byens Gårdbutik, you will find local produce and specialties. Come and experience a wide selection of delicious quality products from the South Funen area. We have fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat, as well as cheese, preserves, juice, chocolate, candies, beer, and even local wine.

Vestergade's grocery store

In a beautiful 19th-century building, centrally located in Svendborg, you will find Byens Gårdbutik. The farm shop offers goods from over 90 different producers - ranging from bread, meat, cheese, eggs, ice cream, fruits, and vegetables to beer, wine, soap, soda, and sweet treats. Byens Gårdbutik supports smaller producers and collects goods from farms in the region using their electric van.

Café with a purpose

Byens Gårdbutik also has a café where everything you taste is made from the good local ingredients also sold in the store. The delights are enjoyed in the cafe, in the beautiful conservatory, or in the lovely, quiet, green backyard. In the backyard, you can immerse yourself in the chirping of birds and the tranquility of the garden, despite being close to the city center, and be captivated by the largest temple tree in the Nordic region, which turns the most beautiful yellow leaves in the autumn.

Byens Gårdbutik is owned by AOF Center Sydfyn, a registered social enterprise where social responsibility is the focal point in all activities, from adult education to youth training, and local grocery trade and café. Byens Gårdbutik exclusively sells local products from Funen, thus supporting the local growth of smaller food producers. This is done with a focus on organizing work functions and tasks for employees on the fringes of the regular job market.

Partner with Geopark South Funen Archipelago

Byens Gårdbutik is a grocery store and café that sells exclusively Funen food products. The store operates as a social enterprise with a mission to inspire more people to shop seasonally and buy locally produced foods and specialties from Funen and the entire Geopark South Funen Archipelago.

Sustainable initiatives

Geopark - South Funen Archipelago is a culinary center with high-quality food production and a wide range of gastronomic experiences with taste, aesthetics, and indulgence for all senses. Byens Gårdbutik strengthens the narrative of the Funen pantry and conveys the unique story of the culinary center in the South Funen Archipelago.

Byens Gårdbutik:

  • delivers and collects goods at the surrounding farms in an electric van.
  • highlights seasonal ingredients, mainly organic, and focuses on foods transported no more than 30 km.
  • reduces food waste by processing foods into meals in the café.
  • has made sustainable choices regarding products and producers, making it easier for consumers to do the same.
  • only features producers from Funen and the Geopark South Funen Archipelago - thereby supporting small producers.

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