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Fishing Lodge Fyn

Fishing Lodge Fyn is located near the southern and eastern coasts of Funen as well as Langeland, Ærø, and Tåsinge, just to name the nearest sea trout fishing areas. Add to that a stay at a castle, good food, and a king-size bed to sleep in.

Fishing Lodge Fyn is located incredibly fortunate - both in terms of nature and fishing opportunities around the castle - and on Funen. They offer guide services from the coast and boat, with the possibility of staying at Broholm Castle, which is a magnificent experience in itself.

If you dream of shiny sea trout, Fishing Lodge Fyn at Broholm Castle is the perfect place for your next fishing adventure. Sea trout fishing around Funen and the islands - Langeland, Tåsinge, Ærø - offers some of the best sea trout fishing.

At Broholm Castle, there is no fixed recipe for a fishing adventure. But they can offer settings that provide the best conditions, no matter what and how you want to fish. There are opportunities for everyone - skilled as well as beginners.

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