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Light waves lapping the shore

When you listen to the light waves lapping the beach, you will probably become light at heart. It is a pleasure to contemplate the sight and sound of the waves rolling gently in and out again. In addition to the pleasure, the sea has provided a livelihood for many people because where there is water there is life. The maritime life that has characterized the south of Funen through centuries was hard work. Big wooden schooners, smaller vessels and little boats have freighted local goods to all over the world. Today, life along the shore is mostly about leisure, pleasure and fun.

Fjællebroen harbour is one of the many former landing stages along the southern coastline. Over the years, many ships departed from these landing stages carrying cattle, grain, fruit and timber from the local woods. Today, hard work on the harbour has been replaced by a more leisurely lifestyle revolving around little pleasure craft and yachts.

The history of Ballen harbour dates back to its early beginnings as a small fishing harbour from which local fishermen sailed out to place their nets and lines and reap their daily harvest of fish. The former fishing village has now become a leisure area with a marina.

Svendborg has many harbours. On your bike route you will pass along several marinas, three ferry berths with daily departures for the islands in the archipelago, and a wooden jetty dedicated to old wooden ships worthy of preservation. It is possible to leave the bike and join the crew on a wooden boat for a couple of hours or several days. The harbour area also serves as starting and fi nishing line for a number of big regattas, and modern merchant ships from around the world call at the commercial harbour.

”Are you sorrowful and sad at heart, then let me take you down to Lundeborg”. This go the lyrics of Ove Bager’s popular song. The lyrics go on to invoke woods and beaches, the harbour and the sea water, and fishermen and their women. It is all still there, in Lundeborg, although today mostly pleasure craft call at the little harbour. 

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