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A museum dedicated to the art of costume

What would Star Wars or Game of Thrones be without costumes that tell us who the good guys and who the bad guys are? Or Matador and Badehotellet without costumes that indicate which social class the different characters belong to?

Costumes always play a direct or more subtle role in conveying and emphasizing the dramatic message. This is the essence of good costume design and should be the focal point of Denmark's Costume Museum.

On the harbor in Svendborg, an exceptional costume museum has been created, taking guests on a journey backstage. The museum reveals what goes on in the world of illusion, in the costume workshop behind the camera and the stage curtain.

Illustrated through exhibited costumes from well-known theater, TV, and film productions, they convey what good costume design can achieve and why it is crucial in dramatic and political storytelling.

Actress and political provocateur Anne Marie Helger has donated all her unique and extravagant costumes and "Råberober" to the Costume Museum, forming the backbone of the permanent exhibition on site.

The museum also features an open embroidery workshop for Sjølander Embroidery, led by Thomas Sjølander. Over the past 20 years, Sjølander Embroidery has provided costume embroidery for international productions. Next to the workshop, there will be a showroom with displayed samples from famous film and TV productions and an engine room with running embroidery machines. Guests will gain insight into the work with textiles and embroidery on costumes.

The museum is open from Easter through week 42.

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