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Rosenhøj Bed and Breakfast

Rosenhøj Boutique Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place if you want to relax and be pampered in lovely surroundings.

Rosenhøj is a 120+ year-old villa that has been updated and modernized while preserving its beautiful aesthetic. Located in Svendborg city, the place offers two main suites with unique layouts, designs, and furnishings that provide a breathtaking view of the city and the sea.

Dining at Rosenhøj

Dining at Rosenhøj is a popular experience. Rosenhøj is owned and operated by Trine and Patrick Johnson. Trine, originally from Denmark, is a qualified chef with many years of experience in London restaurants. Patrick was a London Bobby for 32 years, now retired from police work and passionate about food and hospitality. We will take care of you like family!

Rosenhøj is all about local, seasonal, and healthy food (with an occasional indulgence). They strive to be sustainable, recycling everything they can and considering 'food airmiles' when creating menus.

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