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Rundbuehallen is located on Frederiksø in Svendborg, offering a unique atmosphere and a fantastic view of the harbor. The old shipyard hall is known for its distinctive round arch architecture, giving it a unique and elegant expression. The large, open space and the height of the ceiling create a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

Rundbuehallen has modern facilities and equipment that can accommodate various events. Whether it's a concert, a party, an exhibition, or a conference, the hall can be customized to suit different needs. It has a flexible layout that allows for the setup of a stage, dance floor, tables, chairs, and other necessary elements.

The location on Frederiksø and the view of the harbor and the surrounding coastline add extra charm to Rundbuehallen. There is also the possibility to utilize and incorporate the nearby outdoor areas.

Rundbuehallen is the perfect combination of unique architecture, modern facilities, and a fantastic location – the ideal setting for any event!

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