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Sejlskibsbroen - Sailing Ship Bridge

Sejlskabsbroen (Sailboat Bridge) - also called Træskibsbroen (Wooden Ship Bridge), has been a gathering place for wooden ships and maritime associations throughout generations.

Sejlskibsbroen and the rest of the harbor area in 'Mudderhullet' constitute a historic and charming bridge that has served as a focal point for sailboats and the maritime community for decades. The bridge has been a symbol of the city's maritime heritage and has become a meeting place for both locals and visitors. With its idyllic location and beautiful view over Svendborg Sound, the bridge offers a picturesque environment where one can experience the authentic atmosphere of sailing ship history.

The bridge, Mudderhullet, and the five gardens with water access are the last remnants of Svendborg's medieval harbor. The entire coastline around the city consisted of gardens with similar water access. A stroll along Sejlskibsbroen is therefore a journey through Svendborg's maritime past.

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