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Shelter: Langemarken

Here you find a campsite surrounded by nature and with an enchanting garden in the background.

Beautiful campsite with a shelter for about 8 people, ideal for archipelago hikers, as the Archipelago Trail is only 200 m from the camp. Kayakers can either leave their kayaks on the beach or carry them up to the camp.

The site caters to cyclists and hikers, as well as visitors by car. However, the camp is car-free, and the entire area is managed organically with great respect for nature and the way the garden is tended.

For cyclists, the camp is located on the Baltic Sea Route midway between Svendborg and Faaborg. The camp is divided into two areas. One part is located in an enchanting garden, and the other part with the shelter faces fields and meadows. It is always possible to find shelter, shade, or sun.

There are two fireplaces with adjustable grills, drinking water, and a multi-toilet. At the beach, there are good bathing opportunities with a bathing bridge, and for anglers, there is an opportunity for trout fishing.

Number of shelters:1

Total number of beds: 8

Drinking water: Yes

Toilet: Yes, multi-toilet.

Fireplace: Yes.

Firewood can be purchased.

Distance to the water: 200 m.

Camping allowed  – arranged and settled directly with the owner.

Langemarken's goal is to offer more facilities to visitors while still focusing on being small and sustainable, and at the same time, the garden becomes a more integrated part of visitors' experience.

The garden is unique in its commitment to naturalness and great variation. There is a wealth of flowers, both wild and garden-related plants. Many trees and bushes are selected to contribute to life.

Therefore, the garden serves as a refuge for birds and insects and is a testament to fertility.

The place takes pride in showcasing a full-scale garden as a joyful example of a gardening culture that is highly valued.

The garden is suitable for inspiration and is gladly used as a knowledge center where examples of professional solutions and creative ideas can be showcased.

NOTE: For a secure sleeping place, it should be booked no later than 4 PM on the same day.

Partner with Geopark South Funen Archipelago

Langemarken aims to contribute to raising visitors' respect and pride for the place and the region.

They also have a goal of collaborating with other geopartners regarding the facilitation of products, such as trails, picnic areas, and logistics.

As a geopartner, they contribute to branding the South Funen region and shedding light on pride and respect for the geopark's magnificent landscape.

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