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Skarø Harbour

On Skarø, you can experience the truly unique island atmosphere. The silence can be felt in the soul, and tranquility descends as you moor the boat amidst the beautiful nature and fresh sea air.

Despite its small size, Skarø is renowned for its island specialties, fantastic ice cream, and music events – all set amidst beautiful nature and a unique island atmosphere.

Skarø Village is a charming hamlet with winding roads, neatly trimmed hedges, and beautiful flower gardens. It boasts well-maintained half-timbered houses, fine old farms, and at its center lies the village pond. Don't miss visiting Apotekerhaven, an open garden where you can stroll among plants historically used for medicine and natural dyes. The church, located at the island's highest point, offers stunning views and is worth a visit.

Trails crisscross the island, cutting across fields and along the shoreline, inviting hikers or cyclists to explore. Along the way, you'll encounter cozy cafes where you can enjoy a break with a thermos and a scenic view.

Skarø's coastline is quite flat and characterized by large boulders. It features salt marshes, dikes, sandbanks, and a rich birdlife: Approximately 50 bird species are known to inhabit this small island.

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