Culinary Routes on Fyn

Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen

Chocolate, beer, wine, fruit schnapps, and specialties – Fyn has a wealth of food and drink producers, each with a burning passion for making products of the highest quality.

Fyn’s nutrient-rich farm land is fertile soil for great food: crisp asparagus, juicy apples, ruby-red cherries, freshly-squeezed juice, and aromatic root vegetables. The farmers and food producers on Fyn offer great fresh produce, meat from well-cared-for animals, locally produced beer and wine, unique cheeses, and exquisite specialties to be enjoyed all year round.

Visit the local food producers

We have put together three different culinary routes to guide you on a tasting tour of the region’s small food producers.

Follow the Fyn Beer Route

Fyn is home to breweries large and small that are happy to open their doors to visitors. Within the walls, passionate brewers combine ingredients and tastes to create beer of the finest quality. Swing by one or more on The Fyn Beer Route

Follow the Fyn Chocolate Route

If your sweet tooth tends towards the elite, then the Fyn Chocolate Route is an absolute must for your next visit. The route takes you to chocolate makers who live and breathe for presenting an intense taste experience, and ensuring the chocolate has just the right snap.

Follow the Fyn Wine Route

Passion for body, bouquet and the noble art of the wine-maker permeates life at the wineries on Fyn. This becomes abundantly clear as you stroll along the lines of vines, or chat with the vintners about their passion for cultivating and refining the grape varieties that flourish on Fyn.

Find local food in Svendborg

Culinary Welcome Centre

Get inspiration for a culinary tour of the local food producers and farm shops.

Byens Gårdbutik

Looking for locally produced food and specialties? Byens Gårdbutik is the place to go. Discover our selection of delicious quality products from South Fyn. We have fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and meat as well as cheeses, pickled goods, juices, chocolate, candy, and beer.

Kulinarisk Sydfyn – the largest food market in the Nordic countries

Try delicious samples of locally sourced food and drinks at this weekend-long event.