Mother and child  at the habour

Svendborg for Kids

Gorilla Park

Being a kid in Svendborg never gets boring. Here are some suggestions for family-friendly activities in and around Svendborg.

Exciting Activities for Kids

Whether the sun is shining or it's pouring down, there is always something exciting to do in Svendborg. Click here for a list of sights and activities...

Playgrounds in Svendborg

Click here for a list of Svendborg’s exciting playgrounds.

Beaches in Svendborg and around the South Fyn Archipelago

With more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline, Fyn and the surrounding islands have a wealth of lovely sandy beaches.

Kultunaut – Check Out Today’s Events

There’s always something happening in Svendborg – check out the calendar to find events of all types.

Sights and Activities for Kids on Fyn

Odense Zoo

Offering unique and wonderful moments for the whole family, a visit to Odense Zoo is a lot of fun and leaves you with lasting memories and new knowled...

Egeskov Castle

Experience Denmark’s prettiest garden, the playground, the amazing mazes, and exhibitions of classic cars, motorbikes, doll houses, and lots more.

The Cold War Fort on Langeland

Constructed in the early 1950’s, the fort was equipped with four 150-mm cannons, anti-aircraft batteries, and underground bunkers.

Fjord & Bælt

Catch a glimpse of the fascinating world beneath the surface of the sea, and learn about the plants and animals living in the Danish waters.