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Active Vacation


Svendborg is the gate to experiencing the South Fyn Archipelago in numerous ways: in a kayak, aboard a sailing ship, on a diving trip, or from the many scenic hiking and cycling routes along the coasts. Below, you can find inspiration for an active vacation in this world-class archipelago.

At Sea

Kayaking in the South Fyn Archipelago

According to kayakers from all over Denmark, the South Fyn Archipelago is one of the best places to go kayaking.

Diving in the South Fyn Archipelago

The South Fyn Archipelago offers challenging and varied wreck and scenic dives suited for everyone regardless of previous diving experience.

Fishing in the South Fyn Archipelago

Discover the reefs, the open rocky shores, the troughs in the sea bed where sea trout move in and out with the tides.

Yachting in the South Fyn Archipelago

The South Fyn Archipelago has so much to offer that even the most well-traveled yachters keep returning.

On Land


Svendborg is an ideal starting point for cycling trips. The small roads along the coastline offer spectacular views of the archipelago.

Hiking on The Archipelago Trail

This 220 km hiking trail winds its way through the stunning South Fyn Archipelago and is perfectly suited for both short and long trips.

Mountain Biking on South Fyn and the Archipelago Islands

Try some of Denmark’s best mountain biking terrain.

Golf on South Fyn

Regardless of your golfing proficiency, there are plenty of options on South Fyn.