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Fishing in the South Fyn Archipelago


Fishing in the archipelago is characterised by great natural variety: the many reefs, the open rocky shores, the troughs in the seabed where sea trout move in and out with the tides.

The best part of the archipelago is the islands themselves!

You may find yourself wandering around in your own company for days, at best meeting one of the locals who is willing to share some good fishing tips. Regardless of wind direction and wind force, you will always be able to find a suitable fishing spot within walking distance. And there are plenty of islands to choose from: Drejø, Skarø, Avernakø, Bjørnø, and Birkholm, just to name a few of the smaller islands that are reachable by ferry and perfect for a one-day trip. Among the larger islands, we recommend Langeland, Ærø and Tåsinge

fiskeri i efteråret

Fishing in the archipelago

Photo: Kasper Andersen

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