Drejø, Geopark Det Sydfynske Øhav

The Geopark – regenerative tourism

Photo: Mikkel Jezequel

Svendborg is part of the South Funen Archipelago Geopark, which in spring 2024 will be designated as a UNESCO site. This commits us to promoting geotourism and regenerative tourism, where we not only leave traces but plant seeds to restore and develop new natural areas and social communiti

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism in Geoparks

In a geopark, there is a commitment to work with geotourism and regenerative tourism. This form of tourism is about strengthening nature and local life in a positive way. For example, not just leaving footprints, but leaving small seeds that can restore or give rise to new natural areas, social communities, and even more nature. In regenerative tourism, we work towards making 2 + 2 equal 5 or 6 – we engage in creating a better environment, culture, and local life for the benefit of the planet and future guests, customers, citizens, and generations.


Photo:Mikkel Jézéquel

A drowned ice age landscape of world-class caliber

The South Funen Archipelago Geopark is, as one of the world's largest submerged ice age landscapes, a unique area, and it's not just about preserving what exists but also about rebuilding and improving the environment and the local communities that depend on it. By focusing on geotourism and regenerative tourism, we go beyond merely being spectators of nature; we become active participants in its preservation and growth.

Thurø Østerskov landskab, en del af Geopark Det Sydfynske Øhav
Photo: Mikkel Jezequel
Skarø Sydfyn
Photo: Svendborg Kommune

Responsibility, engagement, and creation of sustainable solutions

When visitors travel to a geopark, they are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment. This can involve everything from supporting local economies by buying products from local artisans and producers to traveling in a sustainable manner.

Regenerative tourism is not just about minimizing our negative impact on the environment; it is also about actively contributing to its restoration and improvement. This can include restoring damaged ecosystems, rebuilding traditional crafts and cultural practices, and creating sustainable solutions to local challenges.


In Svendborg and its surroundings, you will find both geological and cultural-historical traces of the Ice Age in the landscape. Explore the past and visit a geospot. With geospots, you can enter a special landscape and immerse yourself in the traces of the Ice Age. Here is a list of geospots in Svendborg municipality, where you can experience unique natural phenomena and historical traces.

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