Photo: Knud Mortensen

Hjortø has no grocery store, no inn, no church – and no cars! But there is peace and quiet, interesting vegetation, a rich animal life as well as a number of child-friendly beaches.

With only four permanent residents, Hjortø is among the least-populated islands in Denmark. Hjortø’s diverse nature is often visited by flocks of migrating birds, amongst them the majestic sea eagle and the small wren. The islanders have spotted more than 100 different bird species on Hjortø. If you love the outdoors, Hjortø is the perfect choice. You can spend the night in a shelter or put up your own tent.

You go to Hjortø by ferry from Svendborg. The ferry has room for one car and 12 passengers, so we recommend that you make a reservation (for tickets and timetables, click here). During the 1-hour trip, the ferry makes its way through the stunning Svendborgsund and go past Skarø before entering Hjortø’s small harbour. If you wish to take your own boat, Hjortø’s harbour has 20 guest berths as well as charging stations and a toilet.

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