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Around the year 1900, the shipping community on Thurø was home to more than 100 schooners. Today, the island is a vibrant, close-knit community.

Enjoy the scenery at Thurø Rev

With grazing horses, interesting vegetation, and a varied bird life, Thurø Rev is the most scenic place on Thurø – and popular among beachgoers. There is a stunning view of Svendborgsund, Langeland, and Tåsinge from the outermost tip of Thurø Rev.

Smørmosen – a popular choice for a day at the beach

A fun and unique miniature golf course, a large playground area with free games and activities as well as tables and benches, and right next to all of this is one of Svendborg’s loveliest beaches complete with a bathing jetty and a slide – no wonder Smørmosen is such a popular excursion spot!

The ”wall” on Thurø

As soon as you cross the dam and get to Thurø, you feel the strong sense of community. Long before Facebook, the inhabitants of Thurø started posting messages about everything happening on the island on an actual wall. At the end of the dam leading to Thurø, banners and signs impart information about birthdays and village fairs, new potatoes and flea markets. This tradition has been upheld for over 100 years!

The Old Fishermen’s Cottages at Gambøt

The quaint fishermen’s cottages at Gambøt are overlooking Thurø Bund, a deep natural harbour. In the glory days of shipping, the harbour was used for winter storage of large ships, and at times, over 100 schooners wintered here.

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