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With its unique village communities, lovely gardens, apple orchards, and stately manor house, Tåsinge presents an idyllic picture of what Denmark used to look like back in the good old days.

The streets of Troense, a quaint skipper’s town on the east coast of Tåsinge, is flanked by half-timbered houses built in the 18th century. Taking a walk down Troense Strandvej or Grønnegade in spring when the fruit trees are in full bloom in the well-kept front yards is quite an experience.

Troense is also where you find Tåsinge’s tourist office where staff are ready to guide you to interesting cultural sites and great beaches.
From Troense, a beautiful tree-lined avenue leads to Valdemars Castle. Besides being one of Denmark’s largest privately-owned estates, Valdemars Castle also serves as a museum.

Located at the highest point on Tåsinge, in the protected landscape of Bregninge Bakker, Tåsinge Museum comprises the main building with an exhibition commemorating Elvira Madigan, as well as a folklore collection, a shipmaster’s home, a collection of musical artefacts, a ropemaker’s house, and a lovely gazebo where you can eat your packed lunch.

Bregninge Church, one of the most-visited churches in Denmark, is right across the street from the museum. The location on top of Tåsinge’s highest hill is beautiful, and the church tower offers spectacular views of Svendborg and the South Fyn Archipelago. On a clear day, you can see as far as Kiel in Northern Germany. 

Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre are buried together at the cemetery next to Landet Church, a few kilometres south of Bregninge. In 1889, the love story between the poor circus artist and the aristocratic Swedish lieutenant ended tragically. When a couple is married in Landet Church, it has become tradition for the bride to leave her bouquet on their grave.

Based at Tåsinge’s airfield, which is located northwest of Landet Church, Starling Air offers unique sightseeing trips allowing you to experience the South Fyn Archipelago from up high.

Finish your tour of Tåsinge on the Skansen peninsula outside the town of Vindebyøre. Enjoy your packed lunch with a view to Svendborg Harbour and the Svendborgsund Bridge and watch the boats pass by on the water.

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