Drejø  directory


With its rich birdlife and varied scenery, Drejø is a must-see for those who are fond of nature. If you are really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the white deer and the western marsh harrier.

The island of Drejø has a population of 70 people and is located about the same distance from Ærø, Fyn and Tåsinge, which is why the old saying goes that Drejø is located “in the centre of the world”.

Drejø By is an idyllic village full of quaint half-timbered houses that survived a devastating fire in 1942. Rumour has it that the fire was caused by a reckless thatcher knocking the ashes out of his pipe.

The island has an inn, a grocery store, a tent site, a local museum, a café, and several interesting farm shops selling locally produced goods. You can find more information on Drejø’s own website.

Remember to bring your bike when you go to Drejø. From the eastern ferry berth, there are only 4 km to the island’s westernmost point, a cliff offering a spectacular view of the archipelago. The trip takes you past Drejet, a narrow isthmus with water on both sides. On the north coast, the old harbour of Gammel Havn is a charming sight, and Bækkildestrand on the south coast is the best place to go for a swim. The island is also great for fishing.

The ferry ride from Svendborg takes one hour and 15 minutes. Check out the timetable and buy tickets here.