Skarø beach


This small island is known for its beautiful scenery and interesting bird and animal life, though the passionate islanders have done their part as well to put Skarø firmly on the map:

Skarø has a music festival held each year in August, an ice-cream manufacturer selling ice-cream all over the world, a summer café with its own smokehouse, an apothecary garden, and lots more in addition to all the scenic sights.

Located at the entrance to Svendborgsund, Skarø is served by the same ferry service as Drejø, and because of the frequent ferry crossings, the island is a popular destination for one-day trips (click here for tickets and timetables). With its beach meadows, dykes, sand reefs, and spectacular views, nature is the main attraction on Skarø. It is easy to go exploring on foot or on bike on the many paths running across the island and along the coasts.

Skarø has a population of about 30 people. In its main town, Skarø by, charming half-timbered houses and farms are located around the village pond. Skarø Kirke is perched on top of the island’s highest point and offers great views of the archipelago.

Skarø has its own music festival with the motto “the most loving small festival with a large music programme – in the middle of the South Fyn Archipelago, in the middle of Danish summer”.