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Svendborg Habour

Ferries from Svendborg Harbour

Photo: Knud Mortensen

Svendborg Harbour offers an abundance of ways to experience the South Fyn Archipelago. See below for a list of the different ferry services and links to timetables and ticket prices, we recommend booking your tickets in advance.

M/S Helge

Hop on the vintage ferry ‘M/S Helge’ for a unique cruise on the waters of Svendborgsund and experience South Fyn from the sea. The ferry stops a number of times along the way, allowing you to jump on and off. Several of the stops are close to great beaches and ice-cream shops.

‘M/S Helge’ departs from Svendborg and stops at Vindebyøre, Christiansminde, Troense, and Grasten before arriving at Valdemars Castle. Altogether, the cruise from Svendborg to Valdemars Castle takes 55 minutes.



’Hjortøboen’ operates the ferry service between Svendborg and Hjortø. During the 1-hour trip, the ferry makes its way through the stunning Svendborgsund and go past Skarø before entering Hjortø’s small harbour. The ferry has room for one car and a maximum of 12 passengers. Outside the school summer break, you must book your place on the ferry in advance.

M/F Højestene

With ’M/F Højestene’, you can go to Drejø and Skarø. Discover the islands’ unique atmosphere, their peace and quiet, stunning scenery, interesting animal life and fresh sea air. Grab a cup of coffee with the locals at either the grocery store, the café or the museum. Try the organic specialties, including the locally produced ice-cream from Skarø, and visit the many quirky shops selling unique artisanal items – and return home with a piece of island life.


’Ærøfærgerne’ operates three routes to Ærø: Svendborg – Ærøskøbing, Søby – Fynshav, and Søby – Faaborg. For all three ferries, the following applies:

  • We highly recommend that you make a reservation if you are traveling by car.
  • You must make a reservation if you are part of a group of 6 or more people. This applies to walking passengers as well as passengers traveling by car or bike.
  • If you have made a reservation, you have to be present at the harbour at least 10 minutes before departure. Otherwise, your booking is void.
  • Cars without a reservation as well as walking passengers have to be present at the harbour at least 5 minutes before departure.

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