Svendborg - Capital of South Fyn

Svendborg is a charming town with a bustling commercial community. But Svendborg is also Denmark´s only Cittaslow town. Cittaslow is all about focussing in the quality of life. It´s about engaging in the present and findeing you own tempo.
And not least,

it's about giving yourself time to enjoy the good things in life. 

Follow Svendborg´s heart

Visitors come from far and wide to shop in Svendborg. Our South Fyn capital offers all the frills of bigger cities, but here it´s all packaged in surroundings that are second to none. In Svendborg, you´ll find everything your heart desires in the way of jewellery, clothing and shoes for both children and adults, local delicacies, groceries, entertainment, restaturant and cafés.

Take it easy
Give yourself time to wander the charming streets dicovering the exciting back courtyards where you´ll find hidden-away eateries and shops. Relax in one of the town´s many cafés by the harbour, overlooking the sound amid the pulsating street life - when you want to enjoy a coffee or take a bite to eat, the view is up to you.

Shopping in Svendborg

Svendborg´s selection of speciality shops keep shoppers coming back again and again. Discover the old street´s, the many hidden courtyards that give the town a special atmosphere.

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