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The South Fyn Archipelago


There are lots of ways to experience the South Fyn Archipelago – even for those who don’t have a boat of their own. Here is an overview of the different ferry services, including the vintage ferry ‘M/S Helge’, as well as information about trips on Svendborg’s old wooden ships, island hopping, and the beaches around Svendborg.

Svendborg is the ideal starting point for an active vacation, whether you want to go diving, kitesurfing, fishing, kayaking or sailing in your own boat.

Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago

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The South Fyn Archipelago wants to put itself on the world map by achieving the prestigious title of UNESCO Global Geopark. In 2018, the four municipalities covering South Fyn, in co-operation with Naturturisme I/S, took the first step by officially establishing ‘Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago’, thus creating the geopark set to become a UNESCO Global Geopark.

What qualifies South Fyn and the archipelago as a UNESCO Global Geopark is the area’s geological significance. The South Fyn Archipelago is the world’s largest flooded ice-age landscape. Other examples of the area’s unique geology are Damestenen in Hesselager (Denmark’s largest erratic boulder), Egebjerg Hills near Svendborg, Ristinge Cliff on Langeland, and Svanninge Hills near Faaborg.

The Islands Off the Coast of Svendborg